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"…is not about celebrity wanking. Blue Incantation has the weightlessness and solidity of music with real soul."

Bob Guccione Jr. SPIN 10 Best '95

"A thoroughly engaging artist…an unforgettable document."

"Uncommonly beautiful. Garcia's hauntingly vulnerable contribution…as eloquent a goodbye as one could wish for."


"A beguling fusion of Indian subtlety and laid back Western sensuality. One of the year's best. A beautiful and treasurable souvenir."

Stereo Review

"Sanjay is a superb writer and guitarist, with a brilliant melodic sense…a seamless album of highly evocative instrumentals."


"A memorable record."

The Boston Globe CD Pick of the Week

"Fascinating…with Garcia peering into realms of his talent that rarely emerged with the Dead."

The Los Angeles Times

"Listen and you'll know why Garcia chose to make this very unorthodox appearance"

San Jose Mercury News

"Offers some of the best playing of his (Garcia's) later years…his runs often show a harmonic sophistication that had not been part of his Grateful Dead persona for decades."

Star Ledger. New Jersey

"Without question the prettiest instrumental guitar album released this year."

The New York Post CDs of the Week

"Mishra is impressive…his lyrical guitar lines soar."

The Washington Post

"Mishra plays with an eclecticism well suited for his multicultural background…selections (with Garcia) are lovely and expansive."

The Denver Post

"One of Garcia's rare studio triumphs…Mishra's feverish fretwork shines."

L.A. Daily News

"A magnificant epitaph for Captain Trips. Simply gorgeous, divine."

Mojo, London

"A consolidation of the unique brand of Indian jazz rock revealed to the world on that magnificent debut recording (The Crossing). Another excellent CD from a remarkable musician."

Classical Guitar, UK

"Bristling textures and compact melodic space…this altogether agreeable session seems utterly characteristic of one of the true adventurers in post-war American music."

St Louis Post Dispatch

"May it bring the fans of Garcia's ethereal side to a new artist who merits a listen, a long listen, while sitting in a warm tropical breeze with nowhere to go."


"The sonic quality of this recording is a star in its own right."


"A poignant document of one of Garcia's last recorded side projects."

Jazz Times

"Mishra's style merges nicely with Garcia's on their tracks together."


"Mysterious, heavenly and gorgeously mellow…a delicious project well worth picking up."

Dupres Diamond News

"An exceptional acoustic guitarist equally at home in an Eastern or Western setting."

Maui News

"A great record…an absolute must have."

University Reporter

"A potent record that makes as good a send off as anybody's all-star tribute."

Sing Out

"Completely captivating."

Raliegh News and Observer

"A sprawling display of well-crafted melodies…warm the ears and massage the musical membrane."

Omaha Sunday World Herald

"Mishra's cross-cultural blending of guitars, tabla, and samples of structure and improvisation is what really recommends this [CD]."


"A full tilt East-West extravaganza featuring sampled Indian prayer chants and hypnotic modal interplay between the two guitarists."

Oakland Tribune

"An absorbing fusion of East and West."

New Age Journal

"Mishra's sometimes MIDIed acoustic picking is lighter and more precise…complemented nicely by Garcia's unmistakable fluid playing."

Dirty Linen

"We hear guitar playing of two different styles. Mishra's sophisticated fingerwork and flawless technique on his acoustic work with Garcia's equally faultless work within the Blues idiom. [Garcia's] playing is rough hewn and bluesy, straight from the heart with howling long, blue notes and heaps of soul. Instrumental music of rare beauty."

World Music, London

"A piece de resistance."

The Stateman, Calcutta, India

"Intriguing and comely raga influenced tracks. Fade to blue: pungent music by which to contemplate the moon."

India Today

"Nonconformist, unpretentious world music."

Outlook India

"The total diversity of the sound hooks in the listener."

The Week, India