Amidst the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, modern classical guitarist and Jerry Garcia collaborator Sanjay Mishra and experimental guitarist Garrett Gleason remotely recorded an album of original music titled “Duets.”

“Duets” released on 9/18/20 through Akar Music digitally on all major online retailers and streaming services. The original music they created together nods to electronic music with shades of classical, jazz, Indian and rock influences present everywhere. “Duets” introduces an adventurous and forward- thinking spirit with modern MIDI tools and effects pedals to form guitar duet pieces that feature ambient textures and contrasting moods. Mishra’s classical background and strong drive to make modern sounds with MIDI guitar and abstract song forms is complemented strongly by Gleason’s jazz background and ability to craft ethereal textures through pedals.

“I wanted to make a record like this for some time. When I first heard Garrett I knew I was hearing something special. The rest just flowed naturally.” Sanjay Mishra

“When Sanjay and I discussed the aim and spirit of the music we wanted to make with one another, I knew we were about to make something neither of us have done before that would also lean into each of our strengths. What happened was just that: it felt natural and resulted in music that excites us and feels fresh.” Garrett Gleason

“Duets,” their first release as a duo, is a collection of music crafted to rise and fall like a story with moments of tension, calm, and a strong spirit of adventure and spontaneity stemming from masterful experience and deep curiosity.


All music © Sanjay Mishra/AkarMusic/ASCAP Sept. 2020.