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Lamplighter (deepankara)

All music © Sanjay Mishra/ASCAP 2014. Published by Akar Music. All rights reserved. Catalog AM CD 162


Steve Gorn: flutes

Samir Chatterjee: tabla, percussion

John Molo: drums

Tyler Sherman: bass

Miti Adhikari: programming

The music on this recording was composed during 2013 and 2014.

Recorded at Sanjay Mishra’s studio in Vienna Woods, VA, January through August 2014

Protools with Apollo interface. Waves and Universal audio plugs.

Microphones used: Neumann, AKG, and Schoeps.

Genelec near field monitors and a BMW car stereo were used for mix reference.

All music recorded and mixed by Sanjay Mishra, assisted by Sean Gotkin.

Additional recording at Kaleidoscope Sound in New Jersey.

John Molo’s drums recorded by J.T. Thomas in the San Francisco Bay area .

Tracks 2 (part 1), 4 and 5 mixed by Miti Adhikari in his studio in London.

Mastered by Dave Glasser at Airshow, Boulder, CO.

Produced by Sanjay Mishra

Executive producer: Brad Taishoff

This album is dedicated to my father, Shankar Mishra. During the making of this recording I lost two friends I highly respected, Bacchu Roy and George Thomas. Footprints in the Sky dedicated to George Thomas, White Clouds dedicated to Bacchu Roy.

Sanjay Mishra, November 2014

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Sanjay Mishra plays Godin and Taylor nylon string electric/MIDI guitars. Strings by Galli.

Orchestral arrangements by Sanjay using Complete Composer software (East West Quantum Leap).

Producer loops and Native Instruments Komplete 8. MIDI parts recorded with ProTools and Roland MIDI-GR-1 for guitar.

The sounds of the ocean at the end of Bombay Blue created by Samir rubbing his hands on a frame drum head. The first theme is derived from a Bombay movie from the 1960s. The variations that follow depart from the theme.

Bach Prelude was arranged for a trio with each musician creating their own part. Bach’s original prelude was adapted from violin, guitar and lute versions by Mishra. Suite No. 4 in E Major, BWV 1006a.

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